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Florida Tile Pietra Polished Travertine Tiled Living Room

The Natural Beauty of Tile

Tile and natural stone within a home have always been associated with luxury living. Words such as 'opulent', 'chic', 'cultured', and 'classic' are still echoed by people who have viewed homes professionally decorated with these design elements. More importantly, tile and natural stone introduced into an existing home provide added value due to their beauty, low maintenance, and durability.

Florida Tile Ashton Tile Entryway

Variety of Styles and Textures

At America's Tile-Stone & Design in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we take great pride in presenting our customers with a broad variety of both floor and wall tiles. We offer a wide selection of lightweight wall tile in high quality porcelain, ceramic, travertine, marble, or granite to accommodate your bath, backsplash or accent wall needs. And we can remodel any type of floor with our large collection of ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone tiles.

We also ensure that your remodeling decision is carefully designed depending on your lifestyle. For instance, there are different choices in floor tiling that should be considered if you have pets or high traffic areas. And color selection is also an integral part of any design. Allow us to introduce to you the world of tile and natural stone.

Florida Tile Bedroom

Quality Manufacturers

Our manufacturers are well known in the industry to deliver both durable and beautiful products that can add well-defined elegance to any home. We feature such brands as Florida Tile, Emser, Dal-Tile, Interceramic, Capco and others.

We also carry a large selection of setting materials by TECĀ®, the leading brand of high-quality tile and stone installation and maintenance systems. Their products are specifically formulated for premium tile and stone, including adhesives and grouts.

Florida Tile Caldera Bathroom

Custom Designed Mosaics and Listellos

Tiled floors and walls by themselves always present a rich characteristic of interior design. Yet the addition of mosaics and listellos provide accents that reflect personal taste and attention to detail. We can provide custom designed mosaics that complement your tiled floors or walls. We've designed many mosaics, including wildlife and landscape themes. Take a few minutes to view some our custom designs.

Florida Tile Ashton Living Room

Visit Our Showroom

Consider tile and natural stone for all parts of your home. Although bathrooms and kitchens are always initially thought of for such remodeling, fireplaces and tiling their surrounding wall present a sumptuous presentation to any room.

Come into our showroom and view some sample designs. We're happy to discuss your needs and the added value these products can provide you in both the maintenance and resalability of your home.

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